Vehicle Inspection Training

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Vehicle Inspection Training

The training covers the following items:

  • Covers a standard procedure for doing each of three types of vehicle inspections:
    1. Pre-Trip (FMCSR Sec. 392.7 and 396.13)
    2. On-the-Road (FMCSR Sec. 392.9)
    3. Post-Trip (FMCSR Sec. 396.11)
  • Shows detailed (hands on) aspects of a thorough, seven-step pre-trip inspection
  • Emphasizes inspection habits and routines to ensure drivers cover everything
  • Explains critical importance of the driver’s vehicle inspection report (DVIR), what purposes it serves, and why it shouldn’t be neglected
  • Addresses the results missed inspection points can create (accidents, violations, fines, etc.)
  • Includes detailed information on on-the-road and post-trip inspections

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