Hours of Service

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Hours of Service

This is probably the most confusing of all the regulations for motor carriers. Changes occur frequently and drivers always think they know the correct way to log. Reduce the risk of CSA Fatigued Driving violations with Rinehart and Associates Inc., log auditing services. Accurate and complete driver log auditing is critical for catching falsification and avoiding costly fines. Log auditing is very labor-intensive, tedious and time-consuming process.

Rinehart and Associates Inc., can take this from you. We take the confusing logs from you and return them in a report format that highlights each critical area. It will also highlight which driver is causing the critical violations. We well also contact the driver and go over each violation with the driver. This ensures the driver is receiving knowledgeable and current facts about the hours of service. A dedicated log specialist with log auditing regulatory knowledge oversees your account and works with you to help you maintain compliance

We offer the following Services

  • Improved compliance with hours-of-service regulations
    • Reduced CSA Driver Fatigue violations
    • Compliance reporting that helps you make sound business decisions
    • Reduced costs associated with labor, fines and litigation
    • DOT audit support

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